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a hot, steamy monday. but just hold on. the real heat is on its way. we're going to see triple digit temperatures before the week is over. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm wendy rieger sitting in for jim handly. a heatwave is moving across our country, and it has caused some major problems for the midwest. now it's headed towards the d.c. area. >> meteorologist chuck bell is live outside our studios here at nbc 4 in northwest. he's got an update. chuck? >> hey there, you two. yes, indeed, plenty warm out here today on the patio in front of channel 4 where temperatures are in the low 90s, but heat index values have already crept in the middle and upper 90s across many neighborhoods. take a check from reagan national airport. current temperature now in the low 90s. 91 degrees at the airport, but the dew points are back up into the low 70s. 72-degree dew point means a 53% relative humidity, light breeze out of the south at 14 miles per hour, and 90s are the rule. only a few upper 80s has exceptions now. 98 in annapolis and cambridge,
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but 93 culpeper and then the humidity. and we get into the heat index problems. heat index is now mid to upper 90s in nearly every neighborhood. 98 our heat index in northwest. 101, the current heat index in culpeper. 100 in fredericksburg. and what we're going to expect over the next couple days is a gradual increase in heat and humidity as we go towards the middle of the week. not much showing up on local doppler just yet, but thunderstorms across central and western pennsylvania. those will be rolling in our direction perhaps even late night tonight. and then into tomorrow. so we'll be under the gun for a chance of some thunderstorms tonight. we'll also be under the gun for a slight risk for severe weather tomorrow. as you make your evening plans, upper 80s through at least 7:00 p.m. upper 70s to near 80 degrees by 11:00 p.m. and yes, indeed, triple digits in the seven day. >> thanks, chuck. >> even though he managed to look crisp in this heat. in preparation for this, the
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d.c. department of public works has announced changes for the entire week. crews are going to start picking up trash starting at 6:00 in the morni morning. to make sure your trash does get picked up, get it out to the curb starting at 6:00 p.m. the night before. a number of jurisdictions have set up cooling shelters that will be open for people who need to escape this heat. we're compiling a full list on our website. go to and search heat for more information. we are expecting to get the worst of the heat later this week. but much of the country is already steaming from the dakotas to texas. people are searching for air conditioning as the temperatures hit triple digits. and that's the same weather system that's headed straight for washington. nbc's chris clackum shows us how the country is dealing with this extreme heat. >> reporter: the only thing pouring in middle america is sweat. >> we walk outside the car, and it's wet. i didn't even run yet. >> reporter: monday was another day baking in a heatwave so severe, the national weather service declared excessive heat
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warnings in at least 14 states. the heat index in minnesota was around 115. and especially hard on older americans like jack heiner. >> just the high humidity. i mean, the heat, you can deal with. but the humidity makes it hard to breathe. >> reporter: a loouz woman, though, who had wandered too far from her nursing home recently stopped breathing. and died from suspected overexposure to the heat. >> if they don't get something done about their body heat, it will progress to the point where their blood pressure gets so low that they pass out. >> reporter: across the midwest, people without fans or air conditioners are being advised to go to shopping malls, movie theaters, libraries. anywhere to cool off. at a public pool in omaha, that was only possible only after two tons of ice were dumped in to lower water temperature heated by a blazing sun. air conditioning broke down in state offices in oklahoma city on the 28th straight day of
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triple-dilg digit highs there. the heat waves taking a toll too on farm animals on ranches across texas. >> in these last few weeks, it's kind of coming to a head. and more of these horses are having problems. >> reporter: so are the cattle. and even household pets, who like us, need a lot more care as long as it stays this hot. chris clackum, nbc news. >> this latest heatwave is expected to affect at least 17 states across the country. a blown tire may have led to that tour bus crash that killed two people on the way from d.c. to my rniagara falls 55 miles southeast of rochester. it was carrying passengers visiting from india. 35 were injured. the identities of the two killed have not been released. police say there is no evidence that excess speed, alcohol or driver fatigue had anything to do with this crash. there are only two weeks to
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go before the government hits the debt ceiling. previously authorized by congress, there is no deal in place yet to prevent the government from hitting that limit. instead of round-the-clock negotiations, a series of votes is taking place this week in congress. some critics call the votes meaningless, since they are for plans that will not pass. yet the president says he's optimistic. steve handelsman has more. >> reporter: he still wants a big budget agreement to avoid default, and president obama today was upbeat. >> any progress? >> we're making progress. >> reporter: making progress. his treasury secretary agreed. >> absolutely. you know, despite what you hear, and this is a complicated place, washington, people are moving closer together. >> reporter: but to emphasize their differences with democrats, republicans this week want to pass a balanced budget amendment, and spending cuts without tax hikes. president obama vowed a veto, frustrating conservatives. >> all we ask for is we balance our budget.
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for the president to suggest that balancing our budget is not common ground does provide clarity. >> reporter: u.s. stock markets dropped. gold rose, a sign investors feel default is possible. billionaire warren buffett sent washington a message. >> why stick a gun to your head and say, well, there's only a bullet in one of the six chambers, so i'll spin it, pull it, and it probably won't happen. you're running a totally unnecessary risk and sending a signal to the rest of the world that we really can't think ahead in this country. >> reporter: we're not as bad off as greece, facing likely default. taxi drivers today protested huge government cutbacks, like in portugal and ireland. >> the lesson for u.s. politicians, they should look at greece, they should look at ireland, they should look at portugal as crystal balls, something that's telling them what our future could look like if he they do not curtail our spending. >> reporter: the u.s. debt clocks counting down to august 2nd. there is a backup plan to let the president hike the debt
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ceiling. but that would mean no big plan, no significant move maybe until 2013 to get us out of the red. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. >> senate majority leader harry reid says the senate will stay in session through the weekend, and will keep working until some sort of deal is reached. today a murder suspect who escaped custody was back in the courthouse. the courthouse that he fled from last week. d.c. superior court judge ordered james brewer held without bond this afternoon. brewer managed to walk out of a holding cell at that courthouse on friday by swapping i.d. bracelets with another inmate. brewer turned himself in on saturday. he's accused of killing vietnam war vet solomon reese in southeast d.c. last month name investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire overnight at a marina in southeast d.c. it broke out just before 3:00 this morning at the washington yacht club. firefighters say they were called to the scene after someone driving on the 11th
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street bridge saw a boat on fire. when they got there, they found four larger boats totally engulfed in flames. once the fire was extinguished, there wasn't a whole lot left. >> it's almost like losing a person in your family. because the boat -- means so much to the family. been in boating now for 30-some years. and it's -- it's just -- you know, the first time this has ever happened. it's just a tremendous loss. >> the blaze did an estimated $1 million in damage. officials believe it was accidental. a terrifying scene this morning on southbound 270 near montrose road in rockville. a school bus caught fire just before 11:00. the driver was the only person on the bus when the engine compartment caught fire. emergency crews got the blaze under control quickly. because of the fire, southbound lanes of i-270 were closed for a time, creating a traffic headache that extended to montgomery avenue. fresh off their heartbreaking loss, the u.s.
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women's soccer team headed home from frankfurt, germany. japan beat the u.s. yesterday, winning its first women's world cup. nbc's ann thompson has more on yesterday's dramatic world cup finale. >> reporter: this morning, still stung by the loss, the team boarded a bus to start the long journey home. >> i think we have a lot to be proud of, and we're going back to a country that's extremely proud of us. and, you know, that means a lot. so, yeah, we've got to keep our chins up. >> reporter: america is proud of this team whose dramatic journey to the final game briefly united a divided country. rallied around the flag and these women in new york. los angeles. afghanistan. and here in frankfurt. where tangela calhoun led her friends and family from hidelburg in the classic cheer. of soccer, long an international favorite, enthralled america in what's been a miserable summer
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for sports. >> as the nfl and the nba have been locked out, baseball is going through the roger clemens' mistrial. and this is something that americans can see and really feel proud of these women going out there, and playing for the purity of the sport and winning. >> reporter: but the champions would be japan, a country still reeling from an earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster. a victory that came in the middle of the night, and gave a weary nation a reason to celebrate. even in japan, few people thought their team would make it to the finals, let alone bring home the cup. by defeating the number one ranked team in the world. i'm ann thompson in frankfurt. now back to you. and the team's flight expected to touch down in washington later today. >> that was a heartbreaker. >> it was. well, when news4 at 4:00 continues, casey anthony walks free. hundreds of protesters look on. but where is she headed, and will she be able to stay out of the spotlight? plus, lifting them, shaping
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them, thinking about them, looking at them. how did we turn into a nation obsessed with chests? and strong storms bring down the stage at a weekend rock concert. while a famous rock band scrambles
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doctors in australia say they are seeing encouraging results from an eye test that detects early signs of alzheimer's. the disease is known to cause changes not just to brain tissue, but also to eye tissue. the new test takes photographs of blood vessels in the retina, examines their width. doctors say bigger studies need to be done to confirm results, but this could be a simple less expensive alternative to brain scans in detecting early signs of alzheimer's. elderly drivers are often teased because they drive slowly. but a new study shows your kids may be safer riding with their grandparents. the research looked at crash claims in 15 states between 2003 and '07. and i'll older drivers are more likely to get in accidents, the study finds the risk of a child being injured with a grandparent
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is as much as 50% lower than being injured with their parents. researchers aren't sure how to explain the finding, but they say grandparents may be driving more cautiously when their grandkids are in the car, and they may be less distracted than the busy parents. our culture, it seems, is obsessed with women's chests. every year, about 250,000 women have breast enhancement surgery. and while men are usually considered the reason for this fixation, women can take some of the blame too. question is, how did we get here? nbc's amy robach has the story. >> reporter: in our first days, few body parts are more important than the breast. initially, a means of survival, our developing minds turn breasts into something very different. >> the human animal is unique in that the breasts have become sexualized. you don't see male chimpanzees going for the female who has bigger breasts. >> reporter: just how much are breasts on the human mind?
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a quick google search for them paired with boobs and the slang word starting with a t has almost 1 billion hits, 4 times the search on the brain. at new york's museum of sex, curator sarah forbes explains that americans are easily identifiable by their bedroom appetites. >> throughout the world, we have different body parts that we think as the ultimate sexual object. in some places, it's more of the hips and the curves of the body. here it's the breast. >> reporter: while always an attraction in american culture, breasts and breast size seem to take on new prominence after world war ii. >> the '50s was a boom time, consumer culture was exploding, people were affluent, getting richer, felt really good. you can probably correlate breast size with prosperity. >> reporter: while it would be easy to characterize the american breast obsession as a male-driven phenomenon, that's simply not the case. women have been just as responsible at keeping the focus
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at chest-level. >> these things are power! >> women are seeing these busty images, and they're wanting to emulate that. so we're kind of perpetuating this idea of what the perfect breast is. even though chemically, biologically, we're not taught to think that only large breasts are what's attractive. >> reporter: in pursuit of perfection, breast augmentation has become a booming industry in the u.s. over a quarter of a million women a year undergo the surgery. one that is not without complications. >> little girls that are growing up in our society are watching us do this to ourselves. and what is that doing to the way they feel about their own bodies? >> reporter: recently, "sesame stre street" pulled a guest appearance by katy perry. many feel she showed too much cleavage for such a young audience. the very people that might have the most uncomplicated relationship with breasts in the first place. amy robach, nbc news, new york. >> all right. food for thought. coming up on news4, more
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resignations and arrests this weekend, in had connection with the "news of the world" scandal. and late word that the key whistle blower to that hacking scandal has been found dead. plurks plus, a 61-year-old woman arrested at the airport for turning the tables on the tsa. for all your news, follow news4 online. search nbc washington on facebook and on twitter. facebook and on twitter. we'rand this is my cvs. we look out for patients by offering care 1 on 1.
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we help them save money with generic prescriptions. we talk to them about prescription safety and -- help them save money. plus we discuss possible side effects and -- help them save money! we help them save money. get care 1 on 1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new ongoing prescription. i'm carla, and this is my cvs. and his, too.
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today marks the birthday of a revolutionary figure in world politics. nelson mandela is 93. more than 12 million students saying a special version of "happy birthday" for the south african president. he had a celebration yesterday with family and friends. today people are asking everyone to give six to seven minutes of time, one for every year of mandela's service. >> this is nothing compared to what we're going to get. >> a practice round. we're going to have scattered showers that will save us from
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being too close to 100 degrees. however, once we dry things out, i see a real chance for one or two, maybe even three days where we get up to 100 degrees before the week is through. so get ready for the real ugly kind of hot weather to move in. for now, though, just standard issue stuff in washington. temperatures in the low 90s, dew points have crept back up into the low 70s. pretty typical around here for the middle of summertime. temperature now, 91 degrees down at national airport. dew point there, 72. so humidity, 53%, light wind out of the south at 14 miles per hour. and that's pretty much the case all over the region now. temperatures hovering just at or above the 90 degree mark and heat index values, upper 90s to a few spots reaching 100, culpepperer and fredericksburg, but the ugly heat later in the week. we have a tropical system if it were coming a different direction might save us from the heat, but the forecast for the next couple days takes it away from the continental u.s. so provides no chance for heat
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relieve. the only chances we'll have to stay below 95 degrees will be this cluster of thunderstorms riding on the northwesterly breeze, one set in western pennsylvania, another area of thunderstorms here in southeastern michigan. those little clusters are going to be riding our way. so that will be our two chances for rain. one overnight tonight, and then another chance during the day tomorrow. heat advisories. heat advisories, watches and warnings. everything out here in the bright purple is a excessive heat warning now from just west of chicago, much of the middle of the country, heat index value, 100 degrees. we are going to be hot. here is our forecasted highs, thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. even though they're triple digits for two days, they're still not records. but nonetheless, any time you're up to 100 degrees around here, that's going to be an ugly kind of hot weather. and need to be ready for it. start packing in some extra water in the refrigerator right now. here's our future weather. by 8:00 tomorrow morning, this weather front sliding down in our direction. really what's going to happen, more than cool us off, it's
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going to act as a focusing mechanism for tomorrow afternoon. and just sort of lays out around here and might have a chance for a shower or two coming up wednesday, as well. so for this evening, then, generally nice weather. partly cloudy, warm and humid. chance of some thunderstorms up towards the mason dixon line. even temperatures, mid to upper 80s and then getting your day started tomorrow, partly cloudy, warm and humid. not so bad. wake-up temperatures in the low 70s. and tomorrow afternoon, plenty of heat around with highs in the low 90s. but there will be a chance of scattered storms, one or two could be strong. we'll keep you posted on that. if you're going out to the bay tomorrow and tuesday, scattered showers chances, temperatures around 90 degrees. headed to the beaches, ocean water 74. forecast, thunderstorm best chances tuesday at the ocean. wednesday doesn't look so bad in our four-day forecast around here. >> 93 tomorrow, 94 wednesday, and then once we dry out, we really heat back up. thursday, 97. friday, 100 degrees. and saturday probably also going to be 100 degrees around here. so really get ready now. lightweight, light-colored
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clothing, take your shade breaks, drink your water, check on your pets and the elderly, all of the rules, we need to start thinking about them now, so when we get into the crux of the heat late in the week. >> and bring your pets inside. don't leave them sitting out in the yard or make sure they have a shaded area. let me ask you about -- i know you're not a horticulturist, but if you have new landscaping or new gardening, when should we water? what are we supposed to do with this? >> if you've had a lot of rain, you're probably okay. nice drink first thing in tmorn. if you're trying to be conservative, individually water the things you care most about. of saves on the water, and more direct. and in the morning is best. >> in the morning, okay. great. >> that won't help with deer, but -- >> no. >> you can water the deer in the morning. >> sure can. >> the deer need water too. thanks. a colorado woman has been charged with felony sexual abuse. she is accused of groping a tsa agent.
4:26 pm
61-year-old yakari mohami allegedly grabbed an agent's breast earlier at phoenix international airport. the tsa says she refused to go through screening and started arguing with the agents. eventually decided to grope one of them. she admits grabbing the agent. still to come on news4, waking up to a nightmare. >> pretty much from here up was all that was out of water. the woman who found herself sw her days to get help. plus, she's out of jail. a free woman. but where is casey anthony now, and how will
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hello and welcome back to news4 at 4:00, i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm wendy rieger sitting in for jim handly. extreme heat gripping our
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nation. 17 states across the midwest dealing with temperatures stretching into the triple digits. the highest temps in our area expected to hit us this thursday. officials warning people, stay inside with the air conditioning if you can. and overnight, fire destroyed four boats at the washington yacht club in southeast washington. it took about 60 firefighters to get the fire under control. investigators believe it was accidental. they say it did about $1 million in damage. two weeks until in the government hits that debt ceiling. previously authorized by congress. no deal in place to prevent the government from hitting that. senate majority leader harry reid says senators will not go into recess this weekend. and will keep working until they do reach an agreement. the lack of a debt agreement is frustrating investors. bank sharers bore the brunt of a selloff today. the dow fell 92 points, the s&p 500 off 10 points, and the nasdaq composite fell almost 25.
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so where is casey anthony? at this point, nobody knows. well, someone knows, but they're not telling the media. she was released early yesterday, packed into an suv and shuttled away as protesters shouted "baby killer." that was the last we saw of her. the suv drove on to the tarmac of an orlando area airport where a private jet took off and faa records show it went to columbus, ohio. but no way to fell if anthony was on board. >> she's gone. she's safe. and elaborate plans had to be made to keep the people away from her. her life is going to be very difficult for a very long time. as long as there are so many people of the lynch mob mentality and those willing to deny the fact that a jury found her not guilty, she is going to have issues. >> anthony's parents say her attorneys wanted them to help divert -- wanted them to help divert the media when she was release and had they said nope. there is new intrigue in the
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hacking scandal rocking great britain. the whistle blower who first alleged that top officials at the "news of the world" knew about the hacking has been found dead. he was a "show biz" reporter at the paper until he was dismissed for substance abuse issues. he was found dead at his house near london today. so far authorities say they don't think his death is suspicious. the police commissioner at scotland yard is the latest to lose his job in connection with this scandal. stephanie gosk has the latest. >> reporter: london's top cop resigned under intense pressure after it emerged that scotland yard hired a former "news of the world" editor as a media consultant in 2009. the former editor, neil wallace, was arrested for his connections with the phone hacking scandal last week. in stepping down, stevenson denies any wrongdoing. >> i have heard suggestions that we must have suspected the alleged involvement of mr. wallace in phone hacking. let me say unequivoclyhat t i
4:33 pm
did not and had no reason to do so. >> reporter: stevenson says he quit because he's become a distraction for scotland yard. meanwhile, rebekah brooks, the former head of the british newspaper arm was the latest person to be arrested. brooks resigned from her executive position at "news corps" friday, the same day les hinton, now publisher of "the wall street journal" resigned. on tuesday, they will public answer questions from members of parliament. "news corps" published two full page advertisement thes over the weekend. one an apology directly from murdoch. the second, a list of what "news corps" will do to make it right. nbc news spoke with rebekah brooks' spokesman who told us she has been in contact with scotland yard since january asking to assist in this case, and as recently as last week was told, quote, she was not even on the radar. her arrest yesterday, he says, came as a complete surprise. stephanie gosk, nbc news, london.
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>> the commissioner's resignation was followed by the resignation of deputy commissioner john yates, london's top anti-terrorism police officer. an historic goodbye for the "atlantis" shuttle crew this morning. the last space shuttle crew said farewell to the international space station's crew before sealing their hatches. "atlantis" commander chris ferguson left behind a model of the space shuttle. "atlantis" will undock early tomorrow morning, and return to florida early thursday. the return will end three decades of the shuttle program. we have traffic alert for drivers out in maryland. crews started preparing for a major resurfacing project on the beltway in silver spring today that will last until the fall. the state highway administration says repaving -- they will be repaving a four-mile stretch of both the inner and outer loop between kulsville road and seminary road. there will be single closurers from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
4:35 pm
friday and 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. sunday through thursday. two lanes will close during the week, as well. the that prep work started today. construction starts later this month. all work, again, should be completed before. here's good news, thanksgiving. >> oh. the pain -- >> that's a ways away. >> pain of progress. >> yeah. there is more to come this afternoon on news4 at 4:00. members of a legendary rock band run for cover. >> whew. >> when the stage comes crashing down in the middle of a performance. >> did we just class up today's show? i feel like that's what we did. >> hollywood stars headed to the marine corps ball. still ahead, they got some laughs on the "today" show this morning as they talked about getting invited to the
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get aload of this. five people were hurt when the stage collapsed at a popular music festival in canada last night. youtube video shows this as the stage at the ottawa blues fest came down while the rock band, cheap trick was on stage. thousands of fans went running for cover as strong thunderstorms ripped through that festival. one person was seriously hurt. a handful of other people
4:39 pm
treated for minor injuries. the band sent out a message on facebook saying they were not hurt and felt lucky to be alive. the african-american civil war museum officially opened today at its new location on you street. it was on u street. it moved to 1925 vermont avenue northwest. the 5,000 square foot facility got a $5 million renovation, including a media center and a research area. the research area features a database that will allow people to look at who marched into battle and fought for their country. virginia senator jim webb took part in today's ribbon cutting ceremony. it appears to be the final chapter for borders, the bankrupt book store chain. the 40-year-old company may be out of business by the end of the week. border's was one of the pioneers of the big box book-seller movement. it once operated more than 1,000 stores, but it lost business as customers switched to online book-sellers and ereaders.
4:40 pm
border's filed for bankruptcy in february. it's expected to be auctioned to a liquidation firm in court tomorrow. when we come back, trapped in a swamp. this woman survived for days, buried in mud up to her neck. plus, the mysterious death of a woman whose body was found in a mansion that was the site of another tragedy just days earlier. and we're brand-new tonight on nbc washington nonstop at 9:00 on nonstop foodie's d.c., one of the hottest restaurants in town. we'll take a trip inside mike isabella's grafiato. >> and stay tuned at 9:30, an abandoned building turned into a concert
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a florida grandmother is lucky to be alive today after surviving a near-death experience. >> the woman spent four days trapped up to her chin in a florida swamp. nbc's lilia luciano has her story. >> reporter: 62-year-old cathy shino, mother of four, grandmother of eight, enjoyed a life outdoors. >> are you going golfing? >> reporter: but she never imagined that one of her daily walks would lead her to such a terrifying place. >> i was waiting until the sun started to go down that night to go out for a walk. because it was so hot that whole
4:44 pm
week. i remember going for a walk. i remember getting to where the bank was. and walking behind it. >> reporter: and that's where kathy's memory stopped, and her nightmare began. for still undetermined medical reasons, she blacked out. waking up trapped and alone, next-deep in murky swamp waters, aunts crawling on her face, fish nibbling on her flesh. tangled in roots, branches and mud. >> pretty much from here up was all that was out of water. >> reporter: kathy spent four days trapped in these man grove roots, barely able to move with water up to her chin. rescuers had to cut her out to save her. she had no food, nothing to drink, and barely any energy left to cry for help. meanwhile, kathy's family embarked on a frantic search. >> panic. just pure panic. didn't know what to think. what could have happened. >> i couldn't go to sleep. i had to stay awake, especially at night.
4:45 pm
>> reporter: what was going through your mind? >> that i never realized how long 24 hours really is. >> reporter: for over 09 hours, kathy tried to stay alive, until -- >> we suddenly heard, you know, "help." you know, just like the word, because before that it was just, you know, just moaning. >> reporter: coming from the area beyond their backyard, alexandria and her mother alexia finally heard cathy's cries, and they called for help. >> someone is stuck in the muddy waters of the lake, and i know for a fact there is an alligator there. >> reporter: rescuers could not believe what they had found. >> when you see a human face in the water coming out, it kind of blows your mind. >> reporter: and were forced to use chainsaws to free kathy's limp body from the clinging roots. >> she wouldn't have made it through the night, i don't think. at all. >> reporter: while doctors and even kathy herself still can't explain how it happened, kathy is home from the hospital, and recovering with her family. four "today," lilia luciano, nbc
4:46 pm
news, holiday, florida. >> kathy shino spent several days in the hospital, and doctors still don't know what caused her to black out. wow. >> wow. >> amazing story. >> that was creepy. >> scary. >> yeah. >> very scary stuff. >> so is our weather. >> yes. we're going to have a couple chances for some needed showers. we're about 3 inches behind in rainfall for the year. so we could use a drink or two. we're going to have a few chances late tonight and then a little better chance as we get into tomorrow afternoon, and a slim chance on wednesday. but after that, the spigot is turned off and the heater gets turned on in a big way. out there right now, just gray, hazy-looking skies out there. we're at 97 here in northwest washington. no rain in our immediate future, just yet, but you can see here on regional doppler radar, there are showers and storms over the mason dixon line, stronger storms across northern and northeastern ohio. they're coming down towards the southeast. so even though this first batch may well dry out in the next couple of hours, we still have a chance forum bells overnight tonight, and then once that weather front hangs up during
4:47 pm
the day tomorrow and into early wednesday, more chances for needed showers. right now, temperatures in the low 90s across the area. overnight lows want to with, again, a chance of a few overnight late-night rumbles. generally back down into the low and mid 70s. and tomorrow, high temperatures back into the low 90s once again, so not incredibly hot, but still plenty warm and with all of the humidity around, it's going to be uncomfortable. great day to pack the car and head down to the beach. kind of stormiy coastline. wednesday looking better. but our seven-day forecast kind of uncomfortable here the next couple days. heat index values upper 90s to 100. thursday with a high of 97. friday and saturday, near 100 degrees. plenty of humidity. the real problem, they'll end up issuing heat advisories for thursday and sure enough friday saturday. look at the overnight low temperatures here in town. 79, 80, 78 degrees. that's when we have the biggest amount of problems here in town is when you can't cool off at night. that's when the heat just kind of sticks on you.
4:48 pm
and a lot of folks that don't have air conditioning inside the beltway, those -- that's when it's really the most dangerous, because you have no chance to cool off, ever. >> and what about the air quality? >> air quality will be poor by the end of the week. >> all right. >> is this going to create some dynamics of some thunderstorms as we often get, those nasty -- >> not so much on the thursday, friday, saturday time frame. but as we get to sunday and beyond, yes. >> okay. >> going to be a typical week in washington. >> sure sounds like it. >> thanks. still ahead, are they going or aren't they? mila and justin chat about their marine ball invites on the "today" show. and another marine just asked his famous dream woman to the big dance. plus, they're shedding new light on "the jersey shore," but is the cast of that reality show hurting the reputation of the garden state? i'm jim handly. coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00, a fire at the washington yacht club destroys four boats. the flames are out, but there's another problem facing clean-up
4:49 pm
crews. reunited after 36 years apart. wait until you hear the striking similarities between a mother and son she put up for adoption. and what it took to get these two to reconnect. and stick around for news4 at 6:00 tonight. a popular hangout spot is moving to the burbs. just a few.ou where a new bus
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
turns out that snooki and the situation aren't hurting the reputation of the garden state. they might be helping it. a new poll finds 43% of the people who have seen the show "jersey shore" have a favorable opinion of new jersey. compare that to 41% who haven't seen the show. those interviewed say the show actually makes the garden state seem interesting. the two stars of friends with benefits have both accepted their invitations to separate marine corps balls. >> corporal kelsey de san 'tis is stationed in quantico, virginia. she posted this video on youtube asking justin timberlake to join her at the ball in november here in washington. de santis is a marshal art instructor. this after another marine asked mila kunis to a ball in north carolina. the pair had had a little fun discussing their upcoming dates. >> you both have become the bells of the ball. the marine corps ball. what is the -- what is the story? mila, you're going, right? >> yes. he's going too.
4:53 pm
>> you got an invitation, as well. >> i got an invitation to a completely different ball. >> yeah, it's two separate balls. >> apparently there's -- >> multiple balls. >> the marines have a lot of baulz. >> marines got balls. >> they do. >> no marine asked them to another events, yet. but one marine invited betty white because she's mature and thinks they could make each other laugh. she would be a lot of fun. still ahead, questions surrounding the death of a woman inside a mansion, and police want to know if it's murder or a suicide, and if it's connected to another deadly accident that took the life of a young boy two days prior. and for all your news, be sure to follow
4:54 pm
we make the time to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, but what we should also be celebrating are the moments. the ones that could have been just another day but became extraordinary memories.
4:55 pm
moments when we learn about the world that came before us and a little more about ourselves. let's celebrate together. colonial williamsburg. come, be part of the story. plan your stay at, with packages starting at just $99 per person per night.
4:56 pm
detectives in southern california are searching for clues after discovering a woman's body at her boy friend's mansion. and it's not the only recent death linked to that estate. nbc's miguel almaguer has the story. >> reporter: when police arrived at this $12 million mansion outside of san diego, they say rebecca zahau's nude body lay lifeless in the courtyard. her hands were bound behind her back, her feet tied together,
4:57 pm
too. rope was around her neck, but detectives are unsure if her death was a suicide or a homicide. >> this is a very bizarre death. there is roughly 200 years of experience in the sheriff's homicide unit. they all agree, this is a very unusual circumstances. >> reporter: police say the man who called 911, adam shacknai, say he found zahau dangling from a balcony. his brother is the victim's boyfriend. a well-known multimillion their businessman who founded a pharmaceutical company in arizona. but the morning zahau's body was discovered, police say jonah shacknai wasn't home. >> there were numerous items of evidence. the scene was pretty suspicious. >> reporter: adding to the mystery, police say a tragic accident took place here just two days before zahau's body was found. monday, jonah shacknai's 6-year-old son max fell down a flight of stairs. this weekend, word came max had died. police say zahau may have been
4:58 pm
the woman who called 911. >> right now, we don't see any connection between the two incidents. >> reporter: no connection, and still no word on whether rebecca zahau committed suicide or was murdered in her boyfriend's mansion. >> that was miguel alma gear reporting. people thought they were getting a sweet deal on an ipad. over the weekend, sears posted an ad selling the ipad 2 for $69. here is a look at the ad from tech sears says it was a typo by a third party vendor. the ipad normally sells for about $745. sears says it refunded customers who bought the ipad for the lower price. frustrated shoppers are taking to the internet to try to get sears to honor that $69 price.
4:59 pm
and that's news4 at 4:00. news4 at 5:00 starts right now. first at 5:00 tonight, the whistle-blower in the news of the world phone hacking scandal is found dead in his home. the great escape, how a local murder suspect managed to slip past u.s. marshals, break free, and what he was doing when he was on the run. the mercury is on the move tonight as temperatures here hit dangerous highs. and if you think it's bad now, just you wait until the middle of the week, folks. good evening, everybody, welcome to news4 at 5:00, i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy rieger. tonight topping our news, targeted on the trail for the second time in three days. someone has been robbed along the metropolitan branch trail. the latest attack this morning. a man riding his bike was held up at gunpoint just north of rhode island avenue. elaine reyes is here with tonight's top story. elaine? >> reporter: wendy, no one has been hurt in these recent cases, but investigators say they are working on some good lead

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